Terms and conditions for downloads and use

Downloading and using image and information material free of charge via this website (www.hawle.com) is exclusively permitted on the condition that

  • the image and information material is used for press releases or other articles whose content relates to one or more companies of the Hawle Austria Group,
  • the image and information material is not used in a manner that causes damage to our reputation, and
  • the source/metadata specified for the image or other information material (if present) is indicated.

Any use of the image material that goes beyond these conditions is explicitly forbidden. Hawle reserves the right to assert claims for damages and injunctions irrespective of the legal grounds.

All rights to image and information material remain with Hawle Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. or any other authors who have authorized the Hawle Austria Group to use their material. Commercial use, in particular for promotional purposes, is expressly forbidden.

If you require further relevant images and information or have any related questions, please contact dana.svoboda@hawle.at