15 November 2021

Hawle goes Instagram!

Hawle goes Instagram
Hawle apprentices
Halwe apprentices

Due to the growing shortage of skilled workers, finding qualified personnel is becoming an increasing challenge. Especially to address young, committed and motivated talents, the classic recruiting channels are no longer sufficient. That's why we are taking action where our target group can be found and starting with the Instagram account "Hawle Austria Group".

With the Instagram channel, we are deliberately addressing young Instagram users in the region, with a focus on our apprentices and potential candidates.

Apprentices for apprentices

Who knows better what appeals to young people than our apprentices? That's why our apprentices are actively involved in creating postings. They document their everyday lives and thus provide an exclusive look behind the scenes. 

Follow us, like & share our posts and tell your friends and family about it! Hawle Austria Group (@hawle.austria.group).We look forward to seeing you!  Please share & spread the word.

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