10 June 2022

When a family tradition is carried on...

Father Christian Dobretsberger (Product Management) & Son Peter Dobretsberger (Order Management)
Father Johann Putz (Production Vöcklabruck) & Daughter Vanessa Putz (Industrial Clerk)
Father G√ľnther Appeltauer (Produktionsleitung) & Son Sascha Appeltauer (Produktionsplanung)
Family Meinhart & Wimmer

Hawle has been family-owned since it's founding and is a company "Made for Generations" . Mostly we think here of our long-lasting products, which are in use for generations.

But we have also families in the company that show that "Made for Generations" is more than the highest product quality. Many employees spend years, even decades, of their working lives with our company. We are particularly proud of these long-standing partnerships, because they are an important pillar of our company's success. For some families, being employed by Hawle is almost a tradition.

Why is that? We asked some of the families and they told us in short statements.


Wimmer & Meinhart family

"Made for Generations - not only in terms of products, but also in terms of family. We are already the 3rd generation working at Hawle. Hawle offers a variety of development and training opportunities, and leaves all doors open for personal career development."

Wimmer & Meinhart family


Appeltauer family

"At Hawle, the slogan "Made for Generations" refers not only to the products, but also to employees. Often a family tradition is continued in a way that parents, grandparents or other relatives are part of the Hawle family. This was also the case with me: My father has been a well-known part of the Hawle family for many years, so it was not easy to prove myself in the same company. At the same time, it was a great opportunity to develop and educate myself. I think it's great that I have these opportunities at Hawle."

Sascha Appeltauer


Dobretsberger family

"As a product manager, my father knows the valve market very well and is convinced that Hawle manufactures the best products in the world. In addition, Hawle is a very solid family business that invests a lot in the future and in its employees. In my 1st year in Customer Service Sales, all of this has been confirmed. I am convinced that Hawle is a good choice as an employer."

Peter Dobretsberger


Putz family

"Not only being a part of the "Hawle family", but also having a part of the "personal family" at Hawle makes the slogan "Made for Generations" even more meaningful. My dad, who is now in his eleventh year at Hawle, recommended the apprenticeship at Hawle to me and convinced me to apply here. I can completely confirm his positive stories today. I am glad to have listened to his advice and now to be part of the company."

Vanessa Putz

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