2nd place in the ideas competition of the metalworking industry

Presentation of Viktoria Schwarz
Awards ceremony
Awarding 7.000€ checks

Last winter, we took part in an ideas competition organized by the metalworking industry. The aim of the competition was to get more young people, and especially girls, interested in an apprenticeship in the metalworking industry. The project was led by Viktoria Schwarz, who herself completed the commercial apprenticeship until a year ago and now works in Human Resources.

Skilled workers ensure innovation, competitiveness and growth of a company. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get young people interested in metalworking professions. This challenge requires more commitment and different approaches than in the past. Therefore, it is time to change the perspective and find out what young people expect from training companies.

"Turning several screws"

From our point of view, one single idea is not enough to achieve sustainable changes and to meet the numerous needs of young people, we have set "turn several screws" as our motto. 

Our concept is an Employee Journey from the apprentices' point of view. We looked in detail at the individual phases from creating awareness - "How do young people become aware of the training company?", to career with apprenticeship - "What happens after my completed apprenticeship?". For each of these phases, we have defined measures that target the respective needs of the young people in detail. For example, a 360-degree tour of the apprenticeship workshop in the "Creating awareness" phase is also part of the concept, as is a mentoring program to facilitate onboarding for young people. During the apprenticeship phase, we focus on digitalization with the cell phone app. The Career Success Stories round off our concept and give young people an outlook on career opportunities after their apprenticeship.

The 5 stages of our Employee Journey - concept phases from the apprentices' perspective:

  1. Creating awareness
  2. Application
  3. Onboading
  4. Digital apprenticeship
  5. Career with apprenticeship

At the end of March, the concept was submitted and evaluated by a jury of experts. A few weeks later, the result was known:

Hawle can be pleased about the second place and a prize of 7,000€.

On Thursday, September 9, project manager Viktoria Schwarz presented the concept to the jury of experts at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. Afterwards our COO Michael Bassani was allowed to accept the prize.

Here you can find all winners of the ideas competition: Ideas competition winners - metalbringts!

We are very happy about this success and congratulate Viktoria Schwarz and the project team for the second place.

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