3 November 2021

Aquatech Innovation Award

Hawle: From the source to the home.
Daniel Wagner presents Hawle.LIVE KEY
Booth at the Aquatech
Award ceremony at Aquatech

And the prize for the most innovative product goes to …
Hawle Service Gmbh!

What a success.

Hawle Service GmbH’s innovative Hawle.LIVE KEY has won the „Aquatech Innovation Award“ in the category „Transport and Process & Control“. The prize was awarded at the opening of the Aquatech trade fair in Amsterdam.

What is so special about the Hawle.LIVE KEY?

Hawle.LIVE KEY enables documenting the condition, position and location of installed fittings. The product informs, for example, how old a valve is or if it requires maintenance. With this innovative solution it is possible to retrofit existing valves, making the daily work of water supply operators much easier.

However, the Hawle.LIVE KEY is not the only innovative product of Hawle Service GmbH. More information on the digital product range for drinking water supply can be found here:

Hawle Service - Hawle Service GmbH (hawle-service.at)

We warmly congratulate our colleagues from Hawle Service GmbH for this great success.

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