15 September 2022

Business2run - Varena Vöcklabruck

Team - Frankenmarkt
Our athletes warming up

With water run's

That was our motto at this year's Business2run at the shopping mall in Vöcklabruck called “Varena”. Our motivated athletes - a total of 27 runners, split up in 9 teams - demonstrated team spirit on the racetrack. The 5.3 km long course led from the Varena to Regau and was mastered by all runners!

The event "Business2run" is intended to motivate employees of companies to participate in the company run together with their work colleagues in order to promote team spirit and motivation. The Business2run takes place in different districts throughout Austria.

Our athletes were equipped with Hawle shirts from skinfit. The entire costs for the run were covered by the management - thank you very much for that! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Simona Haas, who organized the entire run in the best way possible.

Click here for the results -> TIME2WIN - business2run VARENA (Vöcklabruck) 2022

We congratulate all runners to their great performances!

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