10 August 2022

CSR-Report 2021

What does "sustainability" mean?
If you search the Internet for this term, one of the results is "long-lasting effect". How fitting for Hawle, after all our brand promise is "Made for Generations".

At Hawle, this brand promise refers not only to our long-lasting products, but also to our "sustainable actions."  We recognize our social responsibility toward the environment, society, and above all the "Hawle family". This includes not only our 1,300 employees, who are a fundamental part of Hawle's success, but also their families together with our long-standing customers, suppliers, partners, and all people who gain access to clean potable water through joint action.

In the revised CSR report of our largest subsidiary E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH you will find numerous projects and activities that we are implementing in order to

  • protect the environment,
  • economic stability and to assume social responsibility.
  • assume social responsibility.

The concrete examples show that for us sustainability is not a trend to polish up our image. At Hawle, the protection of the environment and resources has already been an important priority for decades.

"Made for Generations", that's what it is.

To the CSR Report 2021

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