12 April 2022

Digitalization of production

TechnoKontakte Seminar at E. Hawle
TechnoKontakte Seminar at E. Hawle
TechnoKontakte Seminar at E. Hawle
TechnoKontakte Seminar at E. Hawle
TechnoKontakte Seminar at E. Hawle

Hawle makes a splash with fully automated logistics process.

Sometimes there just has to be a little self-praise: We at Hawle  have the pioneering spirit in our blood and set innovative milestones time and again, and not just in product development. The new logistics warehouse in Frankenmarkt featuring19,000 pallet bays shows that we are also abreast of the times when it comes to digitizing logistics processes. The concept for the new logistics warehouse not only entailed automating the racking technology but also automating and digitizing the entire internal material flow. 


What advantages are generated by automation and digitization

By using the new EWM warehouse management software, for example, it is possible to automatically control the stacker cranes, conveyor technology and automated guided vehicles. This allows us to reduce the error rate and optimize processes,while without compromising on logistics quality logistics quality.

For our customers, this means shorter lead times in the delivery process, improved product availability and fewer errors in the picking process.


Hawle  creates a stir at the "TechnoKontakte Seminar".

E. Hawle (as host) was able to present this milestone to other companies at the so-called "TechnoKontakte Seminar". This seminar took place in Frankenmarkt on March 29, under the theme "The way to automated and digitalized intralogistics", and offered insight into theory and practice. We presented our fully automated and digitalized logistics process to a number of well-known companies, such as Klinger, Bernhofer, Sandvik, Voith and IIF.

We also presented the topic of digitalization in production centred on the cronetwork MES system, and the linking of live data from machine data acquisition to shop floor management.

The participants were very enthusiastic about the way we have automated and digitalized logistics. They were particularly impressed by the high level of automation right down to the workstation, in combination with the technical solution for wooden pallets. This means that we rely on wooden pallets in the high-bay warehouse, even though there is a much higher tolerance here. Most companies therefore use plastic pallets. Although these are easier to handle, the goods must first be re-sorted from the wooden pallet to the plastic pallet before they can be stored. This additional effort due to handling goods twice is eliminated with us.

That was not all, however. The enthusiasm increased even more when we mentioned that live data such as performance, on-time delivery, quality rate, machine malfunctions and the reasons for defective goods can be easily analyzed from our MES Cockpit and that measures can be derived immediately. At the same time, we pay particular attention to any deviations and discuss these in the shop floor meetings. In this way, we not only ensure high standards in the area of production and logistics but also develop continuously and sustainably ourselves.


A participant we once wrote to as part of a recruitment exercise provided the following feedback:   

"If I had known how far ahead you are, I would have started working for you then."


Thank you!

This successful seminar with such wonderful feedback shows that Hawle is one of the top  companies in Austria in terms of the digitalization and automation of production and logistics. This success would not have been possible without the commitment of numerous colleagues who were involved in the concept and its implementation.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you!

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