22 November 2022

H4.live: Digital hydrant for real-time monitoring

The concept of digitalization is increasingly ever-present. When we hear digitalization, we usually think of processes that are no longer analogue but digital. Such as music. We don’t put cassette tapes or CDs into stereos but listen to our music by clicking on tracks in playlists. Or our photos, which we no longer stick into albums but store on our smartphones.

But digitalization in water supply? Yes!

In times like these, when global warming and lack of rain make water an even more valuable resource, it is important to rely on products that are fit for the future. Products that are efficient, economical, and reliable. 


One of these products is our new digital H4.live hydrant.

A hydrant providing real-time information about any actuation performed at the hydrant. Whenever the H4.live is opened or closed, an alarm is sent to the operator who can then check if actuation has been performed properly. Thus, leakage loss and frost damage can be prevented, which will eventually help to save costs. Moreover, using an H4.live will increase the hydrant’s reliability to work perfectly when needed.


Convenient leak detection

Another big advantage is the radio noise logger for leak detection installed right under the hood of the H4.live and thus protected against theft. Due to its placement, the radio noise logger can be installed free from road dirt (no surface box required) and at a comfortable working height. Usually, there are sufficient hydrants present in the water network that can be provided with a noise logger. Due to these devices placed at various positions in the network, the functionality of leak detection is ensured.


Anything else the H4.live has to boast?

Another benefit of hydrant monitoring is the fact that water suppliers can obtain information about the activities and conditions of their digital hydrants as well as water loss or disproportionate consumption rates regardless of the place. Due to this continuous monitoring, water suppliers are always up to date and get valuable details for their daily routines.


Where are the data managed?

The hydrant data are managed via the Hawle.live APP, where each H4.live is installed with its GPS data. This visualization allows not only a perfect overview but also the related documentation of all activities. By means of the alert plan, immediate notification via SMS and/or e-mail can be configured.


When will the H4.live be available?

The sales launch is planned for the beginning of 2023.


Want to learn more? Here you’ll find a detailed description of our H4.live: H4.live break-away fire hydrant, corrosion free | digital 5196H4LIVE - Hawle

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