8 March 2021

Happy International Women's Day

Mentoring Program Participant Sara Osterberger, HTL Vöcklabruck
Mentor Sarah Lothring

Every year, many companies use International Women's Day as opportunity to bring down the curtain for great achievements of women. Considering this, we too would like to emphasize on appreciating all female colleagues and therefor take another step towards supporting and promoting women in technology.

In cooperation with HTL Vöcklabruck, we have launched a mentoring program to support women and girls during their training. This program is designed to prepare female students for entry-level careers in technical professions, thereby increasing the chances of retaining women in technical professions after graduation from HTL.

Women for women
With the support of Sarah Lothring, our mentor, we are actively accompanying a female student from HTL Vöcklabruck for more than half a year now. Sarah attended the HTL in Vöcklabruck herself and can therefore put herself in this student's position: An exchange on eye level.

The student thus gains valuable insights into the future professional work and obtains important tips for starting her career. In this way, valuable knowledge is exchanged and regional cooperation with future high-potential women is strengthened.

The mentoring program includes several coordination meetings between our mentor Sarah Lothring and the student from HTL Vöcklabruck. The student receives a sound insight into the professional world through an internship in the summer. In the fall, the program ends with a closing event, which is again used for an intensive exchange.

Why all the effort?
With the help of the mentoring program, a network is established consisting of female students and technicians. This creates a valuable exchange between companies and schools and makes it easier for young women to start their careers in technology. The aim is to strengthen the personality of the mentee and to get young women excited about technology and, of course, about Hawle!

Above all, our thanks goes to Sarah Lothring, who has agreed to support this great project!


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