16 March 2021

Hawle Blog is online!

Today the first Hawle-Blog went online, and we are thrilled to introduce our latest project “Hawle Knowledge”. 

The slogan “Made for generations” does not only mean that our products are long-lasting; it is also about the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another. Since the invention of the first resilient seated gate valve, Hawle has for more than 70 years accumulated unique experience in valves engineering and water supply, and we are happy to share this knowledge with the public. 

Why are we starting the blog? 
The idea of starting a blog has always been in the air. Some years ago, we made a study among 800+ respondents worldwide, which revealed that a website was the #1 source of product information for customers. At the same time, the COVID-19 crisis made a considerable challenge for B2B manufacturers in terms of communication with customers. This resulted in the global increase of digital self-service and remote rep interactions. As a result, we have completely redesigned our website and continuously made it more user-friendly; we became more active in social media and are involved in new digital projects. Every day our colleagues receive a great number of emails and information requests, and now we would like to answer the most common questions in a very user-friendly form. 

What is Hawle Knowledge? 
As the name suggests, this is a platform (which is integrated on our website) for sharing knowledge and experiences about water supply and its challenges, at the same time offering our solutions to common customers’ problems. 

What topics can be found in Hawle Knowledge? 
Hawle Knowledge has a simple structure; the blog contains of three main fields: 

  • Basics: general posts about water supply, 
  • How-to: Instructions, tutorials and useful insights, 
  • Systems and solutions: Articles about Hawle innovations and product solutions. 

This blog will be updated regularly with worthwhile information in the form of articles, case studies, interviews or infographics. 

For whom is Hawle Knowledge?  Hawle Knowledge is meant for everyone who has some involvement in water supply, utilities, civil engineering, sustainability, fire protection, valves and fittings. All the three sections (Basics, How-to, Systems & solutions) contain articles of various difficulty levels. This means that regardless of experience with valves and fittings, everyone can find something of interest in there: sales reps and purchasing managers, installers and students, engineers and designers.  

Can I contribute to Hawle Knowledge? 
We at Hawle believe that knowledge should belong to everyone and are convinced that the process of information exchange should go in both directions. Any ideas, critic or content collaboration is welcomed! For contact, please use this link: 

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy our new blog.

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