25 March 2019

Hawle E3: Sales for the new, pioneering valve technology have launched

E3-Schieber: Die neue Technologie ist jetzt am Markt!

The success story of the Hawle E2 gate valve, which spans over 20 years, continues now. Not that the E2 valve generation was outdated, but new trends have been recognized in the field of water supply: particularly when it comes to longer service life and sustainability.

E3 has adopted the tried-and-tested E2 technology and fully exploited any optimization potential. The E3 valve thus sets new benchmarks for the highest possible corrosion protection without sacrificing the usual ease of motion and functionality. The E3 valve generation has impressed users with many aspects, including the following technical innovations:

  • The O-ring carrier is connected to the fully coated bonnet by means of a double bayonet and additional locking screws.
  • As with the E2, the wedge and wedge nut are connected in an interlocking manner. However, both components are fully vulcanized. This somewhat restricts the freedom of movement while maintaining flexibility. This has a positive effect on the wear of the wedge vulcanization and moreover, enables the E3 valve to be closed with very little vibration.
  • Our developers gave special consideration to making E3 bonnets compatible with E2 housing. This means, for example, an E2 housing can be kept in the pipe during an upgrade and fitted with a new E3 bonnet. As a result, long-term availability of replacement parts is guaranteed for E2 valves.
  • A high-quality Duplex stainless-steel materials is used as standard to decrease corrosion of the spindle.
  • The increased edge protection provides improved protection during transport, storage, and installation. The different colors used in the design for drinking water, seawater, and gas make it virtually impossible to mix up the pipes.

Most components are produced mainly within our own production facilities in Austria. Hawle thus not only contributes to sustainability, but we are also able to apply excellent quality control.

For more information follow the link: product overview E3-valve

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