12 May 2022

Congratulations on successfully completing the apprenticeship and vocational school!

Fabian Bachleitner successfully completed his apprenticeship
Manuel Knoblechner successfully completed his apprenticeship
Congratulations by our managing director Mr. Bassani on the vocational school successes
Excellent vocational school success, Eric Höchtl, 4th grade

Congratulations on successfully completing the apprenticeship and vocational school!

Samuel Wimmer, Manuel Knoblechner and Fabian Bachleitner have successfully completed their final exam in the first quarter of 2022. Samuel Wimmer learned the apprenticeship mechanical engineering and passed his final exam with good success in January. He started his career in the maintenance department in Frankenmarkt.

Manuel Knoblechner and Fabian Bachleitner have trained as machining technicians. Fabian Bachleitner has been working in tool manufactoring since completing his apprenticeship, and Manuel Knoblechner in mechanical machining in Frankenmarkt. Manuel Knoblechner completed his final exam with good results.

Tobias Treml already completed his apprenticeship as a machining technician last year with excellent results. The governor of Upper Austria Thomas Stelzer congratulated our apprenticeship graduates on this great success

We wish Tobias, Samuel, Fabian and Manuel all the best for their career start at Hawle.

Vocational school successes

Excellent successes

The vocational school with excellent success have Eric Höchtl (IT systems engineering, 4th grade). Lea-Marie Bachmaier (plastics molding technician, 3rd grade), Noah Wesenauer (machining technician, 1st grade), and Armin Stieger (mechanical engineering technology, 1st grade).


With good success

Johannes Hemetsberger (mechanical engineering, 3rd grade), Jakob Riegler (machining technician, 1st grade), Gernot Wagner (machining technician, 2nd grade) graduated from vocational school with good success.

We congratulate all apprentices to these great successes!

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