New image film

Dreamlike scenery at Lake Traunsee, Austria
"Check" on screen, Austria
Check of the first recordings, Austria
And action! Austria
Shooting in the showroom at Hawle Czech Republic
Also other colleagues were "engaged" for the shooting, Czech Republic
Clear instructions from the "Creative Producer" in Czech Republic
Full commitment in the ice rink, Czech Republic
Interview with Göte Mattsson, Sweden
Filming on the river Fyrisån in Uppsala, Sweden
Shooting in Uppsala, Sweden
Team: No Pitch, Dana Svoboda from Hawle, Göte Mattsson from Belos

A drone flies over the massive company site, turns towards the production building, where it zooms in on a machine that is working flat out. Ummm ... no. That really wasn't what we had in mind when we designed our new image film. What we wanted to do was to shine the spotlight on the people behind Hawle. We wanted to illustrate their motives, motivation and drive for working in the water supply field.

The people behind Hawle are long-standing employees and partners. They allowed us a glimpse into their private worlds, as well as their professional lives. In fascinating interviews, they explained what Hawle means to them, what makes our products so special and why they value us as a partner. They look back over the past and into the future from their personal perspectives and personify our values of passion, safety and partnership. The highlights from these interviews can be "heard" in the image film.

To implement our ambitious concept, we needed a creative and experienced team. That's why we opted for the "No Pitch" agency. This is an affiliate of "Das Rund", the Austrian film production company owned by Thomas Kiennast, cameraman for the film "Das Finstere Tal" (The Dark Valley). Kiennast received many awards for his cinematography, and the film was even nominated as Austria's candidate for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars.

We found ourselves in good hands with this agency and were able to start our project. After selecting the protagonists, we packed our things and hit the road. This took us to three countries, via Lake Traun, taking in an indoor ice rink in Prague and ending with a boat trip in Uppsala. The shooting went absolutely smoothly due to the professional preparation of all participants. Particular thanks go to our three protagonists for being willing to take part, for their immaculate preparation, professional performances and hospitality. You have authentically expressed what Hawle stands for: a great team and excellent partnerships.

But that's enough words for now. As we all know a (moving) picture's worth a thousand words. So, sit back and immerse yourself in the world of Hawle.

Hawle Imagefilm

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