5 December 2019

New milestone: The 100,000th H4 hydrant

Reliable partner in the fight against fire
Extensive range of hydrants
Made for Generations.

In certain situations, a product must function perfectly, without ifs and buts, without compromises. These are usually moments when time is short and even life might be at stake, as it is in the case of a fire.

Out of the 45,000 firefighting operations a year in Austria, 5,400 require the use of one or more hydrants  to extinguish a fire. Luckily, 94 per cent of all fires can be extinguished using only water. In the last two decades, our H4 hydrants have proven their worth 100,000 times over! You've read correctly: Our "H4" was launched on the market in the year 2000 and has sold 100,000 units since then. Both the H4 Niro Hydrant and the H4 Cast Hydrant are characterized by high quality corrosion protection.. This prevents the need for costly and time-consuming replacement after only a few years.

The H4 requires only a very low actuating torque and has a defined stop for opening and closing. This ensures error-free and easy handling with little effort, even after years of use.

Further features of the Hawle H4 hydrant include:

  • High water flow rate
  • The hydrant head can be rotated from 0° to 360° to cover all local requirements.
  • Problem-free and therefore fast change of all internal parts without earth support
  • Residual water quantity according to EN 1074-6
  • Automatic emptying with pressurised water protection, emptying time < 10 minutes
  • Various available connection couplings according to other standards possible
  • Several outlets possible at the column
  • Resistant to disinfectants according to EN 1074-1

Another great advantage of our „break-away“ hydrants is the simple repair thanks to the predetermined breaking point. In contrast to Hollywood films, in which the water shoots out at high pressure after a car hit a hydrant, a knocked-down Hawle hydrant can be set up again. The replacement screws for rapid restoration of the predetermined breaking point are located directly in the hydrant head.

The Hawle H4 hydrant is your perfect fit, if you are searching for individual design options for hydrants. You can opt for an individual colouring of the hydrant head.

Further product details can be found in our product catalogue: Hawle hydrants

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