21 October 2022

New product brand: Hawle.live

"Digitalization" has also arrived in the water industry. In many areas, digital products can optimize work processes, increase operational efficiency and protect the valuable resource of water.

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly noticeable. Temperatures are rising and rain is failing to fall more and more often. These developments are making the vital resource of water even scarcer and therefore even more valuable. This is where the digital products of the new "Hawle.live" product brand can help to operate efficiently and save costs.

How can Hawle.live products support?

Among the greatest benefits of the digital Hawle.live products is real-time documentation. Water suppliers are able to get information about the activities and status of their digital products at any time, regardless of the location. This continuous monitoring keeps our customers up to date and provides them with important information for their daily operations.

Products like the new H4.live hydrant help curb illegal withdrawals and minimize the risk of failure.


By informing the operator of any operation on the H4.live hydrant. An alarm occurs when:

  • the hydrant is opened and closed,
  • when a hydrant has been knocked over
  • when water is withdrawn illegitimately.

This information helps to save costs and protect our vital water.

A good feeling.


Learn more about Hawle.live products:

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