23 June 2021

Second place & great success at the apprentice competition!

Paul Granser with apprenticeship trainer Christian Steffek
Vanessa Putz with apprenticeship trainer Claudia Lämmerhofer

Our two apprentices Vanessa Putz and Paul Granser showed impressive skills and expertise at this year's apprentice competition!

The apprentice competition takes place annually and enables the apprentices to receive feedback on their training status towards the end of their second year of apprenticeship and to compete with apprentices from other companies. Depending on the results, trainers’ and apprentices’ performance is evaluated, and they are motivated to improve their results.

This year, a total of 56 apprentices from 25 companies demonstrated their skills. We very pleased that our apprentices are among the best in their professional field!

Paul Granser took the excellent 2nd place! He is learning the profession of IT systems technician and is currently in his 2nd year of training.
Vanessa Putz achieved very good results in the apprentice competition! She is learning the profession of industrial manager and is currently in her 2nd year of Hawle-training.

Congratulations to Paul and Vanessa - great performance!

Both can look forward to an award from the Chamber of Commerce as well as Varena-vouchers. The latter are given to our apprentices as an incentive for exceptional performance and success at vocational school.

The apprentice competition is also seen as a preparation for the upcoming final apprenticeship exam. Thus, nothing stands in the way of our motivated junior colleagues successfully completing their apprenticeship!

We wish Paul and Vanessa all the best!

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