22 March 2021

"Smoooooke on the waaaaater … ta ta taaa …"

No, we at Hawle have not entered the music industry now. But we would like to use music to draw attention to "the value of water" as part of "International World Water Day".

The International World Water Day takes place every year on March 22nd since 1993 and is organized by UN-Water since 2003. The aim is to draw attention to one of the essential elements of humankind. This year, the motto is "Valuing Water" and intends to remind us that many millions of people in various countries (especially in developing countries) have no access to clean water. 

We want to highlight "the value of water" in a musical way: Together with our employees, customers, partners and followers, we are creating the first "Hawle Playlist". A playlist with songs about water, either in the title or in the song lyrics. The playlist will be available on YouTube and Spotify under the heading "Find your flow - with the Hawle water playlist".

Now it's your turn. Send us your "favorite water song" at groupmarketing@hawle.at or comment on our post on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Of course, we won't keep the finished playlist from you and will publish it on our social media channels. We are already very excited to see which earworms and music preferences come to light. 

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