30 April 2020

Statement Hawle Coronavirus

The three values of our company are passion, reliability and partnership.  These values are like pillars that support our organisation and our activities. The middle pillar is reliability, which is particularly important these days:

  • Thus, the Hawle company has a responsibility for the safety of our employees. To protect them, we have been implementing comprehensive measures since last week to minimise the risk of infection for them as much as possible.
  • At the same time, we have a responsibility to our customers, who maintain the water supply infrastructure, which is critical for everyone. We therefore have an obligation to maintain our operations in order to make a contribution in a safe water supply. 

Our guiding principle is in this special situation: 

Our primary goal is to minimize the risk of infection while maintaining operations and ability to deliver!

Operational measures already taken 

  • Permanent exchange with our suppliers
  • Proactively bringing forward orders and increasing stock levels
  • Daily exchange with our logistics partners


Organisational measures already taken

  • Strict hygiene regulations
  • Comprehensive measures to minimize the risk of infection in our daily work and through external sources.
  • Cautious approach based on an emergency plan
  • Home office for 110 employees
  • Special protection for employees with increased risk of infection


Status of our ability to deliver (30.04. 2020, 12:00 a.m.)

No restriction of our production and ability to deliver!

  • The temporarily closed suppliers in Italy, Germany and Spain are now producing again. There are only isolated cases of reduced production capacities at our suppliers. Here, however, we are working in close coordination with priority lists.
  • We have a sufficient stock range for all purchased parts and raw materials. 
  • Deliveries of raw materials are fully functional and working.
    • Cross-border transports of IT, PL, CZ and DE are possible, but sometimes delayed by border controls.
  • All production processes in our plants are fully functional and working.
  • Deliveries and international exports are possible.
    • Restriction of external overseas logistics, especially for the target markets Africa, Mid East, Australia 

With the exception of limited overseas logistics, we are not aware of any relevant risks that could limit our ability to deliver, as of 30.04.2020 12:00 a.m. 
We are observing the situation very closely and will inform proactively should anything change in our positive status. The current status is subject to further future measures by national governments.
In Italy, the population is currently exposed to extreme conditions. Nevertheless, the Italians are trying to remain optimistic. A movement with a slogan has developed here in the social networks: #tuttoandrabene (English: Everything will be alright!)
With this in mind, we wish our customers, partners, suppliers and particularly all the employees of the Hawle family a lot of positive energy, optimism and creativity to meet these special challenges, but above all health for their families!
Everything will be alright!

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