23 July 2020

Statement on the current situation regarding coronavirus

During the challenges of recent months, Hawle has sought to follow the advice and guidelines issued by the Austrian government. As part of this, we put a series of measures in place right at the start of the lockdown to protect our 1,200 employees as well as our customers and partners. This was no small task, one which we can now see we tackled very successfully thanks to open communication, excellent team spirit, and great commitment on all sides.

In recent weeks, the number of corona infected persons in Austria increased slightly again. Due to this development, the Federal Government announced further measures, such as the extension of the obligation to wear masks on Tuesday, 21st of July 2020. For Hawle, the health of the employees has the highest priority. Therefore, we reintroduced the protective measures for our employees again.

Despite the current development, we are looking positively to the future and we are not losing sight of our guiding principle: "The top priority is to minimize the infection risk while maintaining operations and the ability to deliver."

As we have done to date, we will remain in close dialog with our customers, partners, and suppliers who are responsible for the water supply.

It is a source of great satisfaction to us that we have successfully negotiated the demands of the past few months. We continue to focus on our company's full performance level and say "THANK YOU" to all those who make this possible.

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