1 August 2019

“The cutaway model for your pocket”

Schnittmodell in the pocket ...
Mock-up of the new Hawle app.
Die neue Hawle App ist da!
Mock-up of the new Hawle app.
Produktdetails in neuer Hawle App
Mock-up of the new Hawle app.
Hawle App
Mock-up of the new Hawle app.

Having a cutaway model of Hawle products with you at all times has now been made possible thanks to the new Hawle AR App. The useful tool, which shows a gallery of six products, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Most Hawle heavy-duty valves are made of cast iron, making them true heavyweights. This makes it impossible for the sales team to present the heavy cutaway model of Hawle products to customers. With that in mind, Hawle developed an app which enables customers to view the inner workings of these highly functional products. This now enables a gallery of 3D representations of six selected products: E3 valve, E1 valve, Combiflex, System 2000, Synoflex and service valve.

In order to give customers the most realistic view as possible, the app is also equipped with an augmented reality mode. If the user desires additional information, he/she can use a link to access the product catalog provided on the Hawle website.

The Hawle app features an intuitive design, and is facilitated by a tutorial video for the first start, which is always available in the info menu. In order to increase customer benefits, the Hawle product management team is continuously improving the app with the aid of valuable feedback from test users.

As an international company, we want the app to be accessible to as wide a range of customers as possible, therefore it is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese.

See yourself and download our app with this direct link to the
Apple Store https://apple.co/333QhOL 
and to the Google Play Store https://bit.ly/2YyT57l 


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