10 February 2023

We honor our employees.

We celebrate 807 years at Hawle. What is this all about?

We celebrated the anniversary of 33 employees who have worked for Hawle for a total of "455" years. At the same time, we also honored our colleagues who retired in 2022 and have worked for Hawle for "352" years. This giving a total of 807 years.

Whether 10, 15, 20 or more years. Hawle is a workplace where people want to stay years on end. This not only makes us proud as an employer, but it’s also a good reason to celebrate

In January, we enjoyed our traditional festive tribute to show our gratitude to 33 colleagues for their commitment, competence and loyalty over the years. And we also honored our retired colleagues from 2022. Some of these had worked at Hawle for more than 40 years. Congratulations to all the retirees from 2022, and all the best to our newly-retired colleagues!

Congratulations to all retirees from 2022 and all the best to the newly retired colleagues!

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