The water supply network's water distribution stage represents the system of hydraulic components that transports water from a water treatment plant or from a water storage tank to the consumers (households, private or public entities). The main components of a water distribution system include pipes, flanges, joints, fittings, valves, and fire hydrants.

The pipes in water distribution represent a system of water mains (diameters can vary, based on regional practices: from few 100 millimetres to few meters). Pipe mains perform several functions in water distribution:

  • transport the water to the distribution area,
  • guarantee continuous operation during maintenance or an accidental event,
  • supply water to the consumers up to the service connections.

Flanges ensure the accurate connection between subsequent pipe segments, while flange adapters are typically employed to connect different diameter pipes. Hawle has a wide portfolio of valves and pipe connections for all common materials (e.g. steel, ductile iron, PE) and diameters. Damage in the water pipe network can be repaired easily using repair clamps. Hawle offers single or double clamped products suitable for ad hoc repairs of damaged water pipelines.

Combi valves, gate valves and butterfly valves are key components of the water distribution system. Hawle valves are suitable for underground installation. Easy operation in such conditions is guaranteed by using an extension spindle, easily accessible through a surface box.

In addition, hydrants are crucial elements of the fire protection system of a region and are connected directly to a water distribution system. Hawle manufactures above- and below-ground hydrants based on epoxy powder coated ductile iron, aluminium or inox to guarantee high corrosion resistance, durability and conformity to regional standards and special needs.