14 July 2022

100 Years Expected Lifetime

100 Years Expected Lifetime
Rudolf Ertl and Andreas Ratzberger recognized the requirements of the Australian market and were the first company in the sector to have "100 years designlife" certified for System 2000 connections.

"100 Years Expected Lifetime" for our System 2000. This headline did not originate in our marketing department. It is the result of externally conducted tests.

Anyone who enters into a connection for 100 years must test it well. After all, it should be reliable and tight so that no valuable water is lost. Maintenance work, which is often associated with high costs, should also be avoided.

With our System 2000 connections, you can enter into this long-term connection with peace of mind, because we were the first company in the sector to have "100 years expected lifetime" certified for System 2000 connections.

This meant that the components had to be put through their paces. To do this, we sent our System 2000 connections to an independent institute for testing and in the course of these tests System 2000 was spared nothing! Not only were existing "extreme tests" on the agenda, but also tests that had been developed in cooperation with the institute especially for this purpose. These included various application and tensile tests, as well as corrosion tests, for example.

Our System 2000 connection passed every test with flying colors, and so the result was clear: 100 years expected lifetime. This was not the only thing, however, that impressed the institute's tester. He was also amazed at how easy it was to use and at how reliable the test specimens were.

Hawle as a pioneer has once again demonstrated with this award that "Made for Generations" has not only been our brand promise for decades, but is also measurable and verifiable. It is not a contrived marketing promise, but a "proven" benefit from which you will profit year after year.

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